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About Us

New Destiny is an IT services company emerged to assuage the need in the industry, by young dynamic professionals with divergent outlook.
We have our exclusive way to work on complex problems and simplify to the most and make the services ideal and accessible.
Our services include Application developments, Consulting, Staffing & IT marketing.


Our vision is to be the frontrunner in all facets of IT industry that enables us to provide ideal solutions to the market which transform customers and businesses, gather, manage, distribute and communicate information globally, to make it mutually recompensing.


We believe that every problem have more than one appropriate solution. Hence, we strive to get different answers and see that it meets customers' needs and continues working on to get the most ideal.
ND paves platform for all who contributes their valuable thoughts & actions from root to leaves of the company. ND believes it as the Asset of company more than anything.
The concept of our Uniqueness is [Need-Plan-Execute-Review] will flow in the flux of the area where we nurture work. And this will connect-organize-position every granule of the company to make the output as much refined to the best in quality.
Change is in-evitable in life. Owing this, we review our approach periodically to accustom the time to time change in the industry globally. We maintain strong connection between our concepts and practice, as a two way process and never been separated of two poles but resonated. This will enrich our philosophy more contented and to give the simplified solution in any sector of process or operations irrespective of complications; ND will guide in a right way to reach the objectives.
We know every individual is complex. Their need and requisite is subjective. Having this in mind, we encourage our employees dynamism ready to explore the extreme's and foresee that our solutions address their quest.


- Eminence - We constantly set high standards of rigor; be an exemplar for our business.
- Platform to creativity - We encourage, value divergent outlooks and we work for continuous refinement.
- Open & Transparent communication – We understand the individual differences; hence we create collaborative team players.
- Audacity - We take ownership & accept criticisms.
- Endearing working culture - We support and facilitate a pleasant working space.


Simplifying the work globally, localizing the technology to the common people needs and make user become more comfortable.
Negotiating separated area into the common united platform.
Accept the uniqueness in the way of their contribution and unite by working together
Satisfying client's needs accordingly and mutually beneficial.